PwC’s Pharma & Life Sciences Hot Topics 2020

The year 2020 has seen a lot of development in the way we do business such as new regulations and smarter solutions to solve old and new challenges. PwC has identified the following hot topics for Pharma & Life Sciences which need our special attention:

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Swiss Tax Bill 17 and AHV Financing (Steuervorlage und AHV-Finanzierung)

Dear readers

Hope you had a good start into 2019.

As you may already gathered through the press the referendum for the Swiss Tax Bill and AHV-Financing (Steuervorlage und AHV-Finanzierung – STAF) has been launched with success.

The respective popular vote will take place in spring, i.e. on 19 May 2019.

A lot of pharma and life sciences companies are currently dealing with the question what will STAF mean for them.

  • Introduction of patent box – mandatory at cantonal level
  • Introduction of the special deduction for R&D costs – optional for the cantons (this deduction may not exceed 50% of the relevant R&D expenditure in Switzerland)

Tax advantages for income from patents/intellectual rights are intended to promote research and development activities and corresponding value creation. The legislation text defines which patents or comparable rights qualify for patent box taxation. In accordance with the international OECD standard, the Nexus approach will apply either by patent, by product or by product family.

For further details please contact Armin Marti or me via the usual way.

Armin Marti
Partner & Leader Tax Policy ,
Zurich, PWC Switzerland

+41 58 792 43 43