Cutting Edge Digital Solution – Pharma & Life Sciences Regulatory Radar

Dear all

I hope you had a relaxing summer time.

Do you face troubles in order to be up to date with all the required legislation changes in various countries in the Regulatory Pharma & Life Sciences field AND combine it with your supply chain and tax strategy?

I am happy to inform you that we have recently launched our Pharma & Life Sciences Regulatory Radar, to strive to assist you in that regard.

Please find some key information in a nutshell as following:

  • Digital solution: The Radar is a digital solution that enables you to keep a tailored overview of all regulatory initiatives from the health authorities in different countries, that are of relevance for you.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Pharma & Life Sciences Radar is to help you find your required cutting edge information in the pharma & life sciences regulatory field by assisting you to collect, document and archive your key regulatory data that have e.g. also an impact on your tax strategy.
  • Access to the tool: Granted.
  • Costs:  Depending on the numbers of countries and kind of legislation chosen / relevant for your company.
  • Further information: Please find more information in the attached flyer.

Next steps:

Happy to organize a respective live demo of the tool via Webex, if you wishes to receive more insights.



Download PwC’s Pharma & Life Sciences Regulatory Radar: